PROMEC’s swaging machines have proven themselves through many years of successful use by manufacturers around the world. Decades of continuous development and improvement have resulted in the most user friendly, productive, versatile, safe and reliable swaging machines available today. PROMEC machines have established themselves as the new standard for swaging wire rope and cable assembly.

We are very pleased to provide this information and hope that you will consider PROMEC for your swaging equipment needs. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss any portion of the information contained on our website, please contact us by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Description of Equipment:

PROMEC swaging machines are designed and built for today’s industrial user, versatile enough to be used in any size operation, from the one man shop to the largest corporate client. PROMEC machines are based on trusted and tested designs, refined over many years of practical use in industry, combined with the latest in modern technology, components and operational features. Each unit is free standing and includes a machine base which incorporates all of the machines’ systems including electrical and hydraulic. The sturdy base also provides a convenient surface that can be used to assist with pre- and post-assembly operations. Requiring only the addition of hydraulic oil and an electrical connection (see “Electrical” on each model’s page for more information) a machine can be put into full productive use within minutes of unpacking.


Appropriate for large and small assemblies, cable and braided wire, as well as synthetic rope. Single production runs or very high volume production, and everything in between, are easily accomplished with PROMEC machines due to their design which allows for minimal cycle time, very fast dies set changes and minimal set-up requirements.
The PROMEC design permits the constant, equal application of force to fittings to ensure a permanent, durable assembly. PROMEC’s machines are capable of producing the following amounts of force each cycle:

PROMEC Model Q6000 Hydraulic Swager –  Up to 175 tons
PROMEC Model 438 Hydraulic Swager Up to 55 tons
PROMEC Portable Hydraulic SwagerUp to 55 tons