PROMEC is the leader in the mid-range hydraulic swaging machine market, offering efficient and easy to use machines that create a professional product every time. PROMEC’s machines set the industry standard and fulfill a broad range of swaging needs for its customers in a safe, cost-effective manner. With its long history of producing reliable machines that create a professionally swaged fitting every time, PROMEC has built a strong reputation across a number of industries that keeps customers coming back to PROMEC for their swaging machine and die needs.

PROMEC machines can swage high tolerance Mil-Spec ball, ball shank, and straight shank fittings as well as single squeeze oval sleeves, stake eyes, hexes, and button stop fittings, all in a single cycle (one closing and opening of the die blocks). The use of multiple, expensive machines from other swaging machine manufactures are often required to achieve the same range of swaged fittings that a single PROMEC machine can produce. And if a “standard” fitting won’t work for a customer, PROMEC has the engineering and design ability, and the proper tools available, to create custom dies to fulfill any customer need.

PROMEC’s machines have been developed and refined for over 20 years and are in service throughout the world, contributing to a range of products from dog runs to automotive seat belts, military jet fighter ejection seat ripcords to custom sail boat rigging. The most commonly served industries and applications for PROMEC machines and dies include:


PROMEC’s robust designs have proven themselves again and again, resulting in swaging machines with a long, productive work life, very little downtime and an easy, straight-forward maintenance routine. PROMEC has worked diligently to improve and refine its designs so that every machine exhibits the following qualities:

Universal Capabilities – Able to swage both single squeeze oval sleeve type fittings and Mil-Spec round fittings on the same machine; this normally requires multiple, expensive non-PROMEC machines
Quick Changeover – It takes less than 2 minutes to change dies in a PROMEC machine, meaning less down time and greater production
Small Size – Each machine is compact, requiring minimal floor space
Highly Reliable – Low maintenance, minimal down time and a long, productive lifetime. And PROMEC maintains a stock of all spare parts for all models and is available to provide technical support to ensure your machine stays producing for you.
Easy to Use – Simple set up and operation gets you up and swaging quickly
Industry Standard – PROMEC machines are used by organizations large and small, in all types of businesses, around the country and around the world because they’ve proven themselves again and again.
Customer Satisfaction – Customers who buy PROMEC machines and dies return to PROMEC time and again for their swaging needs.