PROMEC Model 438

Swages Mil-Spec round fittings as well as single squeeze commercial fittings; to do both would normally requiring require multiple non-PROMEC machines.

Quick Die Changeover
Two minutes or less to change dies means minimal downtime between jobs and more production.

Low Cost
Most versatile, reliable machine on the market at a price that’s more than competitive with any other manufacturer’s comparable machine.

Fast Cycle Time
Simple preposition die opening feature reduces nonessential jaw motion for a complete swaging cycle in as little as 1.7 seconds.

Compact Design
Each machine is compact, requiring minimal floor space: 48″ high, 28″ wide and 38″ deep and weighing only 500 lbs.

Highly Reliable
Long history of highly reliable, low maintenance use by many satisfied customers.

Capable of handling up to 1/4″ cable diameters as well as synthetic rope while delivering 55-tons of swaging power.

Ergonomically designed for operator safety.

Quality Dies
A wide range of standard dies are available from PROMEC and we can create custom dies for any unique application.

Easy to Use
Smooth, quiet, simple, easy set-up, operation and maintenance.

Operational Features

Cycle time

Electrical Specs


Hydraulic Specs

Safety Features

Please note: due to the variety of potential operations that the Model 438 may be used for, this machine is not provided with point of operation guards. Point of operation guards are those guards that prevent anything other than the actual fitting to be swaged and wire rope from fitting between the swaging dies. The purchaser of any machine is responsible for installing point of operation and other safety devices appropriate for the operations being performed. For more information on the product’s safety features, please contact PROMEC.